Gael Froget

Gael Froget

Gael Froget is a Mauritian artist born in 1986. He is a self-taught artist renewing his identity each day. His art transcends geographic and cultural barriers, carving itself in present-day-ness. Since his first solo exhibition in 2013, Gael has built a solid reputation in Mauritius and made his way in the local art community and has gained recognition and respect as one of the most promising Mauritian artists of the new generation.

“Love is Real”, his second solo exhibition in 2015 was such a success that it was sold-out before the end of the exhibition. In 2016 Gael’s work entered one of the most prestigious group of galleries in Europe and his work continues to travel the world to enter respected art collections.

Since 2017 he is also showcased by an important gallery in Singapore

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